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Dec update

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long rest

Been doing light physical exercise (back to lunchtime walking routine). I still cannot run. Been almost four months now. I think I’ve lost my running membership card. I don’t know when or if I will be able to run again. But that’s beyond my control.


Still having most breakfasts and dinners at home. But on Father’s day we had a big family gathering at Sompong restaurant (15 people). Nice dinner in a very crowded place.


Been practicing mindfulness, specifically stoicism, with the main goal being to not upset over anything. The idea here is that, no matter what happens, if it’s outside my control, I must not lose my head over it. You are free when nothing outside can harm or hurt you. It’s also good to not be overly excited by external pleasure. I’ve already been this way more or less, but now I’m putting the practice inside a clear framework.

A long way to go for my untrained mind. City traffic, unkind people, and workplace politics still get on my nerves. They shouldn’t be. I aim to become better at mastering my emotion. If the inside world is calm, there is no problem.


Learning a few new things this past week:

Bought a new PC (for work). Selecting each component was fun. Next time I think I will actually put one together myself.

Learning to lift weights. I have to go to a public park to do that. Been considering buying a barbell for some time now.

Also I have begun to get my personal finance in order.


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December 10, 2012 at 8:53 am

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