Reflections on the Grind

thoughts on training and life of an introvert


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My world has gotten smaller, less structured, and more focused.

No longer reading world news, running blogs, health articles as much before.

No longer logging exercises. I just do them (push-ups and pull-ups mostly) when I want to.

Just living my own life. Focusing on each day. Cooking still. Built my first computer. Getting back into music and headphones a little bit. That hobby is expensive though. Few hobbies are as frugal as running. Setting priorities is good so I don’t buy many things at the same time. Zero spending and overspending are both bad. Minimize the minimalism. It is good to have something to enjoy. First priority is a peaceful mind though. Getting overly attached to external things is also bad.

Been one year since I started eating paleo. Been logging meals for several months. It has been a tool that helps me focus on what I put in my mouth. I might stop logging soon though, since it’s getting tiresome. Maybe at the end of this month.


Written by Rop

February 10, 2013 at 9:14 pm

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