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A bit sick this weekend

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On Friday, I got a painful sore throat, which has since led to a cold. Spent Saturday at home in bed. Gargled salt water and drank hot ginger tea. One can hardly avoid being sick. It’s part of life. Just have to take care of myself and try to recover.

Felt a bit better today. We went to Siam area via BTS. I walked from BTS Siam to Central World. As I entered the mall, the public announcement notified us that the mall was closing due to a gathering of red shirts (UDD) in front of the mall. It is a 3 year anniversary since the 2010 massacre where over 80 people died on the streets of Bangkok. UDD came out today asking for justice. I think as long as they demonstrate in a peaceful and reasonable way, they have the rights to be out there. I don’t mind the minor inconvenience. Some people just like to complain and want the past events swept under the rug. I want justice to be served. I don’t know if anything will happen from this demonstration though. Thailand politics has always been a chaotic institution.

Those are things beyond my control.

We came home. I’m still feeling a bit dizzy and unwell. We bought a grilled fish and pan fried scallops for dinner.


Written by Rop

May 19, 2013 at 7:16 pm

Posted in health, thoughts

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