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Slow living

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Spent most day at home. Took a long evening walk. It rained earlier so it wasn’t too warm. Jogged a bit too. First run this week. The neighborhood roads are not quite running-friendly. But the goal was just to get off the sofa and go outside. Did that. Came home to make a simple dinner and ate by myself.

Unhurried life is nice. A day of nothing more than cooking, eating, reading, walking, watching interesting videos. Recharged. My kind of weekend.

These days I run less, so I feel the need to sit less. At work, I converted my computer desk into a standing desk. It keeps me from prolonged sitting and helps me stay awake in the afternoons. Less time on my butt, more on my feet.

Had a blood test last week. Result will be interesting.


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August 25, 2013 at 8:34 pm

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Away to sea

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The city makes me want to get out every once in a while. Just spent a short vacation in Hua Hin. Was nice being away from work, email, responsibilities. Became just a tiny dust in the ocean. It’s liberating to feel how little I matter to the universe.

Didn’t do much, just the way a vacation should be. Just swimming and eating. Just over 200 km away from Bangkok, the seaside town seems a different world. Now that the vacation is over, I am ready to deal with whatever. Doing nothing can get boring and unhealthy as well. Life requires stressors.



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August 17, 2013 at 8:59 pm

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Faced my fear and went to the dentist last month. Got a tartar scraping. Nothing serious. Dental health is important for the quality of life. Another good reason to avoid sugar: keep teeth free of caries.

Got a fever again a couple days ago. This one is thankfully not serious. Good sleep, bone broth, and ginger tea seem to have helped. With the toxic environment in the city, physical sickness is just part of life. It’s important to accept it calmly and not be disturbed.

Mental health at work is good. Able to identify problems without getting upset. You can only do what you can. If things don’t get improved, let them be. Out of control, out of mind.

Did a usual 12 min run before breakfast. One year ago today I ran the 10k race, my last race since. These days I am running not to train, but just to sweat and get the legs moving. Office life is unnatural. From 5 km a day a year ago, I am currently doing 5 km week. It feels enough.

By avoiding certain foods, it is easy to minimize hunger. I eat as much as I want until I am full. Weight is pretty stable at 57-58 kg.

Another month, another nutrition experiment. Basically still very low carb, but reducing fiber as well. Have a blood test coming up next month so the result should be interesting.

Spent the day at Bangwan, a dessert shop with coffee, and consumed one of the few non-sugar items on the menu: an espresso. First cup of caffeine this week. Since limiting coffee to one to two cups a week, it is important to make it a good one each time.

Time is limited. Wake up to spend each day as if it is your last. Enjoy the present and ignore what other people think. Be ready to be gone and forgotten.

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August 5, 2013 at 7:20 pm

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