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Indoctrination and injustice

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When freedom of expression is oppressed, tension is bound to erupt into violence. It’s unnatural to force people to have a certain opinion about something. Unnatural and disrespectful.

The ongoing conflict in this country has a root cause in the culture of indoctrination. Children have been taught to accept things without thinking for themselves or questioning authorities. People who speak with reasons are not encouraged, but constantly harassed. “Sit quietly in class. Memorize the textbooks. Do what the authority tells you to do.”

Thai people are buried in propaganda since the time they were born. They don’t even realized they are being brainwashed.

When there are conflicts, people don’t know how to argue civilly. They just spew insults and use hate speech to dehumanize the other side. They can’t accept the fact that it’s okay to disagree. Even though we all are different, we can live together in peace as long as we follow the rules.

The self-righteous mob disregards the rule of law. They are fueled by hatred. They will do anything their leader tells them to do.

The situation is grim. The mob has a powerful backing. Their criminal acts, captured in photographs and videos, have gone unpunished for months. When the judges and the military are protecting the criminals, who can we turn to?

Peace appears so far away.


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February 22, 2014 at 11:16 am

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Sunday at home

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Went to the election. Went rather smoothly, as it is supposed to be.

Pain in left Achilles tendon. Resting. Only squats and pushups for now. No sprinting. Haven’t been sick for like 5-6 months, but keep getting these minor muscle injuries. Oh well.

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February 2, 2014 at 3:48 pm

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Election day

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This Sunday is election day and I have never wanted to go to the voting booth more. There is violence going on in many election venues around the country. I don’t know if I will be able to vote tomorrow but I’ll be there. I might get hurt, but one can’t be afraid to do the right thing. Courage is a virtue.

The problem is caused by groupthink. People let hate cloud their judgement. They get brainwashed into really believing that the government is evil. In my view, nobody is purely evil and nobody is purely good. People do what seems right to them. We are judged by our actions and intentions. Some actions lead to good results, and others to bad ones. Sometimes a good intention leads to bad outcomes. It’s natural. Finding faults of other people is easy. To demonize the other side while ignoring your own shortcomings is dishonest.

It saddens me that many people I know have gone supporting the mob. The rebellious, arrogant, rights-violating movement is led by politicians that are perennial losers. They got sick of losing and decided to stop playing by the rules. These politicians have used dirty tactics to attack the other side. People let hate get to them and ignore reasons, fact checking, and common sense. They only hear what they want to hear.

Seeing the mob breaking the laws and doing whatever they want these days makes me sick. In a civilized country, these criminals would be round up and put in jail a long time ago. But this is Thailand, which has some unseen power backing them, allowing them to still roam free destroying the city and disrupting people’s lives. We shouldn’t be surprised, as their leaders are still free, doing whatever they want, after massacring a hundred of people on the street of Bangkok a few years ago.

The protesters call themselves the “good” people of Thailand. According to these elitists, they are smarter and more educated, and therefore are justified in insulting rural people who don’t vote for their favorite political party, the palace-tied Democrat. The protesters believe their votes should count more so they are boycotting the election and calling instead for some “good” representatives appointed by some “good” people to form the government. What a load of crap. And even if the protesters are able to force that, what then? Do they really believe the country will be free of corruption and prosper with this group of politicians who have a long list of failures of their own? How would their appointed government rule in peace after they throw out the government elected by the majority?

These elitists think they speak for the whole country. They believe their opinions should matter more. They believe the reason their favorite political party can’t win is because the rural people’s votes get bought. I used to be able to tolerate this kind of arrogance. But I can’t stand it anymore. Every time I see a friend wearing protest-styled Thai-flag clothing or praising the movement, I mentally cross him or her out of my friend list. Their red-white-blue whistles, scarves, and hair ribbons are like signs that scream “Look at me, I’m a bigot.” I don’t care if I lose all my friends. If you don’t believe in the equality of people, you are not a friend of mine. Period.

Everyone thinks his side is the good side. Any opposite view is evil. This way of thinking will only lead to wars. Democracy is not perfect. Nothing in life is. Every country has elected into office people who make mistakes. Democracy is a trial and error process. After each term, we make a new pick. We vote based on how the government performs. Imperfection is not evil. It’s natural. To keep peace, we must follow the rules. If we don’t, be ready for the country to be divided into two.

People are different. We have different needs. Living in a society, everyone makes compromises. No policy is going to satisfy everyone. The only way to move forward is to accept what the majority choose. One person, one vote. All equal.

The right to vote is a basic human right. Want your voice heard? Go to the voting booth and cast your vote. If you don’t want to go, don’t. If you want to vote no, do. Then step aside. Follow the rules. Stop spewing hate speeches. Respect others. Respect that they too can think, and their voices matter as much as yours.

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February 1, 2014 at 5:35 am

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