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Indoctrination and injustice

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When freedom of expression is oppressed, tension is bound to erupt into violence. It’s unnatural to force people to have a certain opinion about something. Unnatural and disrespectful.

The ongoing conflict in this country has a root cause in the culture of indoctrination. Children have been taught to accept things without thinking for themselves or questioning authorities. People who speak with reasons are not encouraged, but constantly harassed. “Sit quietly in class. Memorize the textbooks. Do what the authority tells you to do.”

Thai people are buried in propaganda since the time they were born. They don’t even realized they are being brainwashed.

When there are conflicts, people don’t know how to argue civilly. They just spew insults and use hate speech to dehumanize the other side. They can’t accept the fact that it’s okay to disagree. Even though we all are different, we can live together in peace as long as we follow the rules.

The self-righteous mob disregards the rule of law. They are fueled by hatred. They will do anything their leader tells them to do.

The situation is grim. The mob has a powerful backing. Their criminal acts, captured in photographs and videos, have gone unpunished for months. When the judges and the military are protecting the criminals, who can we turn to?

Peace appears so far away.


Written by Rop

February 22, 2014 at 11:16 am

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