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A PB is always the goal. PB = personal best, also called PR = personal record. In running, a PB is a faster race time at a distance. There are many possible PB’s, one for each distance. In business, it can be a higher profit per investment. In life, it may mean being able to deal with a problem in a calmer way. In powerlifting, a PB can mean a heavier weight lifted or a higher number of reps at the same weight. There can be a PB for each rep count.

When you achieve a PB, it validates that you are better than you have ever been. It’s satisfying. It has nothing to do with other people. It is something you measure against yourself, your younger self actually. Aging is supposed to be a decline in your capability. When you obtain a PB, you say to the natural process, “I’m not done yet.” It means you are still improving. You are not just dying.

When you step in the arena, no matter where, office, school, gym, race, life, you go for that PB. As you get better, PB’s will come less frequently and become more difficult. So you don’t always go for a PB everyday, but rather you train to get stronger, so you can get that PB tomorrow.


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January 6, 2016 at 6:24 pm

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