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One lift a day

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Life can be pretty busy. I am pretty busy these days and by the time I get home it’s pretty late. If you don’t have much time for long routine, just do one or two movement a day. Go for compound movements to train multiple muscle groups at once.

For example, pair squat with bench, deadlift with overhead press, or barbell row with front squat. Just focus on one lift. Put the best effort into it. Make it challenging. Make it count. Then if there is time and energy left, do another lift as an accessory. If not, call it a day.

– Squat (heavy) for 3-4 sets
– Bench (light) for 2-3 sets

Then go eat and relax.


Keep it simple and keep improving.

Written by Rop

January 12, 2016 at 7:52 pm

Posted in thoughts, training

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