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A day’s work

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Going back to office through Bangkok traffic in a van. It’s just past 10 pm. It’s been a full day if work.

This morning I was running late. There was an accident on the road, causing the delay and emptying my car fuel. As the display indicated 0 km range, I went into a panic. Didn’t see a gas station in sight, I parked the car and ran to a nearby gas station which turned out to be less than 100 m away. Got the gasohol in a water bottle then ran back to car. It was too early for that kind of thing.

The whole ordeal could be avoided if I left home a little earlier. Then I would fill up the gas at an earlier station. I was in a hurry to catch a ride and didn’t expect such congested traffic. Life has been a bit out of order these past couple days. I need to do better job being wise.

In the morning we had the last presentations of the workshop. As an organizer I didn’t have the privilege to sit back and put all my attention to the amazing contents being presented by the experts. I had to run around making sure things were running smoothly. My days of being a student in the classroom seem to be gone. I have always enjoyed learning things. These days I am usually in the position of a coordinator, and that’s fine. Everyone has a different role. I feel like I can make a bigger impact this way.

After concluding the event, I went back to the office to clear other works. There are so many other things to get done. The lack of focus is what impedes the progress I think. You need to be specialized to excel.

The evening was spent on a river cruise for a farewell dinner for our guests. It was more business than pleasure. More work to be done.

As long as you are breathing you got to keep living and contributing.

It’s Friday night. Today has been a long day. I’m drained and the weekend is most welcome. The introvert in me needs some cave time.



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