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Lifting essentials

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You just need your body and weight to do weight training. The muscles work against resistance and grow. Muscles are used to build muscles. Don’t need much. Simple things are what I like.

Some extra things are nice to have though. They help you do the movement more safely. Good to protect yourself before you hurt yourself. Here are some things I own and find helpful.

Power rack
Next to the barbell, this is the most essential equipment in the gym. It allows safe lifting opens up movement possibilities. No spotter needed.

Lifting belt

The belt helps me the most with squat. With proper breathing, the belt helps keep the core tight and me squat more weight. For deadlift, I still have yet to be comfortable with this 1-cm thick belt.

Wrist wraps

The wraps are stretchy pieces of clothes that, when tightly wrapped around the wrists, keep the wrist from collapsing when pressing the weight vertically. They definitively increase my bench.

Knee sleeves

The sleeves compress and help the knee joints tight. They also keep the knees warm. The sleeves and shoes help make me feel more confident about squat.

The weightlifting shoes have raised heels that are stable. Like most squat shoes, mine have wooden outsole. The shoes allow you to hit depth without over flexing the Achilles tendons.

Brands: knee sleeves and wrist wraps from Urban Lifters, belt from Zulu Glove, and shoes from Strength Shop (Coyotes model).


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January 23, 2016 at 5:42 pm

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