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Before dying

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Death is the common destination for everyone. Don’t worry about it. The end is natural. Death is part of being.

Before you were born, you did not exist. The world was there and lots of stuff were going on in it. After you die, the world will continue to exist. Your life spans a very short time with respect to the universe’s age. Your death is imminent. Everyone’s as well. Just think of the end as something as common as a breath you take. Each day about 150,000 lives on the earth end. That’s 100 per minute. A normal person breathes about 12-20 times per minute. Breathing happens all the time; death does even more often.

Soon you will be dead. Before you get there, though, what would you like to do? Find that thing and pursue it. What are you here for, on this earth? If you aren’t having fun doing something, drop it and find something else to do. The end is near and its getting nearer every breath you take. Don’t waste your time.


Written by Rop

January 25, 2016 at 9:08 pm

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