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Phones have gotten pretty powerful these days. You can search for any information from anywhere with internet access. The opportunity to learn is almost unlimited. When I was a student in college the internet wasn’t this great. I still went to library to look for information. I’m a curious type who always want to know more about stuff. Technology can be great. It should be appreciated more how we can learn about anything any time we want. (Except in countries where contents are heavily censored. Free information access should be a basic human right. That’s a subject for another day.)

Nowadays I use my phone mostly to
– blog on wordpress like I’m doing right now
– learn stuff
– connect with people via line, facebook
– log workouts
– find directions
– enjoy music and watch YouTube
– work – emails, reminders, appointments, write stuff

I like games but I prefer to play on a PC. I only play sudoku and chess on the phone.

Last but not least, I just like to kill time during long bus rides. Like this evening, which is almost exactly like last Friday, I spend so much time sitting in one place. (It’s been almost 2 hours 30 min on the bus.) Without a phone I would probably suffer much more.

Smart phones are pretty great. I don’t know what’s the big deal with people moaning how much people are spending so much time on their phones. Simple: phones are fun and useful. That’s why people like to use them!


Written by Rop

February 5, 2016 at 6:56 pm

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