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Getting old

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Sometimes I feel old. My memories of high school and college are still fresh. Now that I am almost 40, sometimes I wonder how I get here and where have all the years gone.

Time seems to pass by faster as you age. When you were a kid, every moment was filled with new experience. You saw cool new things and you were amazed by them. The world was exciting. You collect the moments in your memory bags. The length of the day was determined by the weight of the that day’s bag.

As you get older, new experience comes less and less frequently. Each day seems more and more similar to yesterday. The days’ bags don’t get filled anymore. Days without new experience feel short. Short days turn into short months and years.

You put your head down and do things that adults do. Work, get paid, build a life for yourself and your family. Suddenly your childhood years are way behind you and you wonder where has all the time gone.

When excitement doesn’t come by easily, you need to find it your own way to keep going. You can be a responsible adult who works hard but also finds things to put in your memory bags. It doesn’t matter if you are 40, 50, or 70. The whole point is to keep being amazed about being alive. Find the things that make you feel alive, and do them.


Written by Rop

February 8, 2016 at 8:30 pm

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