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Dealing with losses

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After about five weeks, I finally dropped my new phone. I had been careful but gravity usually gets its way. Luckily, the drop was not too high (waist level) and the impact didn’t affect the screen. The last phone wasn’t so lucky.

These expensive gadgets are so fragile, which is rather annoying. The phone is not just a fun gadget, but a super useful tool. So when it gets ruined, it is not a good news. They aren’t cheap so a careless fraction of a second can mean lots of money wasted. Well, this is true for a lot of things. Driving is pretty risky too. But usually your car has an insurance for accidents like this. A dropped phone, not so.

Of course you can put a protective case around it. However, I don’t like cases because 1) a bulky case around the phone takes away the nice feel of a well designed phone, and 2) these cases are overpriced. So I have chosen to live on the edge like this and be in a constant battle with gravity.

That’s a rather long intro (for my standard) for what I really want to say here. Accidents happen. They are part of life. Do your best to prevent them, but accept them when they happen. Use negative thinking to prepare yourself for situations like this. Wake up with the images of losses and unpleasant stuff, and you will have a good day.


Written by Rop

February 12, 2016 at 9:20 pm

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