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The recovery side

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Lifting is one part of the road toward getting strong. I have so far stressed mostly about training, but of course that’s just part of the story. To become as strong as you can be, you need proper rest and nutrition. This will allow you to recover properly for the next session. That means no late nights, excessive stress, or eating like crap.

You want results? You need to work for it. Don’t keep making excuses. Everyone has problems. Losers keep complaining, while the champions work through the problems to get to their goals.

Nutrition is supremely important. Eat for functions, not for fun. Junk food are fun to eat but not helpful. Staple foods can be simple and cheap. These are my main sources of fuel:
– Chicken
– Rice
– Canned sardines
– Canned tuna
– Eggs
– Whey powder

If you are stalling, you probably aren’t eating enough. The body needs the fuel for energy and muscle building. If you eat plenty and still can’t progress, then make sure you also sleep enough and keep yourself in a good mental state.

Rest well and get strong.

Written by Rop

February 14, 2016 at 10:20 pm

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