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7 years

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I was just browsing through an old photo album. I ran a 10k race 7 years ago. I gave my best and it was fun. It was nice to look back. I enjoyed the time back then. Fast forward to now, I no longer wear running shoes. Life goes on, focus changes.

I no longer wake up at 4:30 am on Sundays to drive to 6:00 am races. I now get up at 6:30 to walk to the gym.

I no longer run everyday to become faster. Instead, now I lift everyday to become stronger. Seven years from now, I don’t know what I will be training for.

Seven years is a long time. Only three times that and I will probably be retired from my current profession. My young coworkers will probably make a little presentation for me before we say goodbye. I don’t know what I will be doing then.

The change in the course of life usually doesn’t happen gradually over time. Rather, we make snap decisions that completely influence our lives. “Today I’m going to quit my job and look for something else”, or “I am going to start working out”, or ” I’m going to learn how to do this thing.” However those decisions can be developed over a long period of time, based on what you pick up along the way. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy. That’s the only way to live.

I have aged 7 years since the 10k race. I enjoyed it then. Now I do different things, and try my best to do only the things I enjoy. I hope that will take care of my future self 7, or 20, years from now.


Written by Rop

February 16, 2016 at 9:14 pm

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