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Sometimes you need distractions to pass the time. Hobbies can be too involved. Even though hobbies are something you enjoy doing, they often have goals. My primary hobby is lifting weight. Working towards that goal days in days out can be tiring sometimes. Between work and hobbies, you need to just sit back and relax. Take a break and be a spectator for a while. Distractions don’t have to mean anything. The point is to have fun.

My favorite distraction is sports. I have always enjoyed rooting for teams. Right now I’m into European football, NBA, NFL, UFC, powerlifting. I used to follow MLB but not much anymore.

For football, I’ve been a Barcelona fan since the Ronaldinho era. They are doing well and going for the second consecutive treble, which will be totally amazing. Messi is probably my favorite athlete in world right now.


For NBA I want the Kings to do well. I used to live in Sacramento for almost five years and followed the Kings quite religiously. They still are not a good team after all these years, while their neighbors the Warriors have gone on to become elite. I hope to see the organization put it together one of these years.

I’m quite neutral regarding other sports, like UFC and powerlifting, which is good because I can enjoy the competition without being too emotionally involved. Fighting is the most exciting individual sport to watch. Powerlifting is the rawest form of strength competition there is, to me personally.

With all the sporting events going on around the world, I get to keep myself distracted from real life. And that can be nice.


Written by Rop

February 23, 2016 at 8:36 pm

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