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Lift, eat, shop

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Saturdays are usually nice. Today is one of those days. Relaxing in the gym. Lift and rest. My left Achilles tendon hurts for the third straight day. IIt’s hard to walk around. Had to take a naproxen pill. So, no squatting. Today’s session included deadlift, barbell row, T-bar row, and pull ups. Just a little bit of each. Nothing too intense. Nan ran on the treadmill. Once my foot heals I’m gonna hop on that thing more regularly.

We went out in the evening. Got to have nice dinner of tenderloin steak and carbonara pasta. Then we did some shopping for clothes. Bought new shorts because my current ones are getting tight due to the weight gain. Then I bought new swim trunks for the upcoming vacation.

Although I woke up with a bad foot, it’s still a pretty good day. Train well, then eat good food. Good times.



Written by Rop

February 27, 2016 at 10:06 pm

Posted in food, health, training

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