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Caffeine cost

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Took a caffeine pill this morning before the workout. It helped, I think, with the focus and alertness. Got some rep PRs on the main lifts.

Did some cost comparison between buying a cup at a coffee shop and taking a pill.

Source: Starbucks Americano (tall)
Price: 110 Baht
Caffeine amount per cup: 150 mg
Price per 200 mg: 146.7 Baht

Caffeine pill
Source: myprotein uk caffeine pro (100-tablet bottle)
Price: 217 Baht
Caffeine amount per pill: 200 mg
Price per 200 mg: 2.2 Baht


Of course, Starbucks is kinda an expensive example, but it’s one of the few brands I can look up caffeine contents of their products. Still, other cheaper places will sell you a black coffee at about 50-60 B. It is pretty obvious that if you just want a kick before a training session, the pill is much more cost effective (30-60 times) than a store coffee.


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March 5, 2016 at 9:18 pm

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