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One more day

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Had a meeting all day today. Then spent 2:10 hours driving home. Not a fun way to begin the work week. Anyway this is a short week, only two days of work. I will take 3-day vacation beginning Wednesday. First vacation this fiscal year for me.

Two-day workweek is nice. I wouldn’t mind having this every week.

Short workout to end the day. Three quick sets of reverse grip bench press and three sets of pull ups. Didn’t eat much protein today. Coffee break snacks were full of carbs. So I drank whey before bed.

The past couple months have been busy. I need time off, away from it all. I won’t be able to lift weight. But three days is not too long. Vacation is not the time to worry about missed training. Lifting is a way to relieve stress. Being away from the city and swimming in the sea are also not a bad way to relax.

One more day of work. Then away we go.


Written by Rop

March 7, 2016 at 9:03 pm

Posted in training, travel

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