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We left home at 4:10 am. Quite sleepy. We took turns at the wheel. Made a few stops and arrived at the Laem Sok pier at 9:20 am. No traffic congestion, but some roads were under construction.

Paid 150 B for three day parking. Then we were ready to go. Waited for our 11:45 boat. The speedboat ride took about 1 hour. When we arrived at Captain Hook resort we had a nice seafood lunch. Then we went to our room to relax. After a long journey we finally got to lie down at 2 pm.


In the evening we went to swim in the sea. Not really swimming but bobbing up and down. The water was clean and clear. We were just there doing nothing and it felt awesome.

I honestly don’t know when my next vacation will come. I’m soaking this in as much as I can. Recuperate body and mind.

Lots of food, clean air, beautiful ocean landscape, six hours away from work and responsibilities. It’s a quick escape from real life. No laptop (still have a phone though). Floating in the sea. Just letting the time pass by without any hurry. No worry about what’s going on in the world. Eating when hungry. One bag each. No burden. Minimal. Primal. For forty-four hours on the island, life takes a break.


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March 9, 2016 at 10:50 pm

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