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22 to 300

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Progress has been slow compared to at the beginning. It’s normal. Weight has gotten heavy. The important thing is to keep away from injuries and improve a little bit everyday.

It’s good to have goals. Today I have decided to shoot for 300 Wilkes score. At current bodyweight (72 kg), I will need to improve my total by 27.5 kg. If a 2.5 kg jump is made every two weeks, 27.5 kg would take 22 weeks. That’s about five months. So let’s make the last weekend of August be my goal.

I am not gonna actually do true 1rm tests on squat and deadlift. I will use projected values based on other rep PB’s. The reason for this is simple: I don’t have enough plates. It’s also kinder to the body to stay away from one rep maxes.

This post will keep me accountable. 22 weeks from now, I will write about whether I succeed. If I fail, I fail. So what. But I want to chase a concrete goal instead of just training aimlessly. The journey towards 300 begins now.


Written by Rop

March 22, 2016 at 9:14 pm

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