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Why I don’t do donations

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The other day when we were out and about, a person came asking for donation. I just said no. Some people find it uncomfortable to turn down donation requests. I don’t. I don’t believe in charity donations. These are some reasons why.

1. What is it used for? It’s a wasteful use of money to me. I’ve always been a financially careful person. I live a frugal life and think hard before spending money on anything. Putting money in a donation box seems like throwing away money without knowing what it is going to be used for. You don’t know who is scamming who these days. I just don’t trust anyone that easily.

2. Does it really make things better? Even if the money is used for some kind humanitarian cause, does it really improve the world for good? For example, today you give someone money to get something to eat, then what? That person becomes dependent on free money and will keep expecting help to come again tomorrow. He or she isn’t going to look for work, because begging is much easier. There must be a better way to help people than having them lay out their hands and wait for donation to be put in there. It’s not sustainable and doesn’t make anything better. Let’s find a way to change the system. Don’t give a hungry people fish, but teach them how to fish.

3. How to choose whom to help? Why is it my problem to take care of some particular person or charity group? If I help one person, why not another? Certainly the one who asks for donations isn’t someone who suffers the most in the world. Why not help all of the poor and unfortunate out there? So I should help someone or some organization because they are the loudest and least shameful?

I treat the world like I want to be treated. I don’t expect anyone to have a burden to help me in any way at any time. That’s what I’d like the world to be. It’s so easy to beg. It’s just too lazy to me. Try to help yourself first before asking for donation.


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April 9, 2016 at 8:50 pm

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  1. Just yesterday I had someone come to the door asking for a donation of $170! I said no 4 times and he wouldn’t listen so I finally had to close the door on him. I wish they wouldn’t beg so much.


    April 9, 2016 at 8:52 pm

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