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Old clothes

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Tomorrow I gotta fly to a meeting. I like being home, but there’s work to get done.

Today Nan and I decided to clean out our closets and find old clothes to give away. Always a nice feeling to get rid of clutter. Some are old and worn down, while some don’t fit anymore. The 29-inch-waist, slim-fit pants are still new but IIii just can’t get in them anymore. That’s a drawback of lifting: your old clothes will be thrown away.


Discarding clothes on the right. Still too many remain.

I still feel didn’t remove as many as I wanted to. It’s sometimes difficult to throw them away as every one of them has a story. A gift from someone, a running event souvenir, a momento from the past. I need to just think of them as pieces of clothing that I don’t wear anymore. If it’s not being used, it’s just taking up space, both physically and mentally.

And yes I lifted. For the next week I will have no gym access so I have to make the time I still do count. Three sets of squat before breakfast and two sets of sumo deadlift in the suffocatingly hot afternoon. Running shorts aren’t made for squatting, as I found out when they were ripped apart during a set.



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April 15, 2016 at 9:41 pm

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