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Away to work

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Wrapped up holiday lifting this morning with some bench press. It’s been a good four days of training.

Now tonight I fly away to France. I don’t like to travel for work much because I have to be away from my wife. These days the concept of being away is much different than, say, ten years ago. So many ways to get connected. Still, online chat is never like being together. We will see each other soon enough though.


Three-day meeting awaits. Hoping something good will come out of it. That’s the reason I work for, besides to pay the bills of course, to make good things happen.

I have been working for over ten years. That’s a really long time. Soon I will retire and be an old man. Life is ephemeral. Nothing is constant. What’s here today will be gone tomorrow, like a Snapchat clip. Taking hundreds of pictures won’t keep things from changing. You are getting older and nearer your death every instant. Make today count. Be with the ones you love, do the things you enjoy doing. That’s all that matters.


Written by Rop

April 16, 2016 at 9:13 pm

Posted in thoughts, travel

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