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Day one of meeting, after having the first real sleep in two days. I feel glad to participate in this grand scientific pursuit. It’s just very technical at this point. Most people in the room are experts who have worked in the field for a very long time. We came as observers who want to be part of the game. This road is long but worth pursuing. We are doing this to pave way for the future generations.

The Institute we are visiting has a large team of dedicated scientists and engineers who are working on a common goal. They have experts in every field and are open for international participation. That’s the way to make real progress. Back at our organization, each person is doing her own thing in closed environment. There is no sense of teamwork. I don’t think we have progressed much at all in the last ten years. We have to do better going forward. The past is the past.

That’s my general reflection from today.

Jet lagged so I’m just going to sleep now. We have no internet access at the meeting so there is limited time to write. Here are some photos from today. On this blog, I like to stay away from the details of my life and especially my work, so I’m not going to explain what these pictures are. It’s pretty easy to figure out if you really want to.


Our bus arrives. 45 min ride to destination.


Traffic jam on the way into the Institute




Mock up


Real device


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April 19, 2016 at 1:50 am

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