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Aix in evening

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Three days here and I ate way too much bread and coffee. Main source of protein is boiled eggs in the morning at the hotel. Not the best way to maintain the muscles.

Day two discussions were still mostly over my head. But I realized one thing. To be successful you must build the culture of success. It’s a very academic environment here, not political. People are respected for their thoughts not by seniority. Creativity can only grow in places like this.

Free speech must be encouraged. Reasons, not authority or position, must be what win arguments.

In the evening, by the time we got back from the meeting, most shops were closed except restaurants. I was by myself for the first time and got to explore the city at my leisure. I like this town. Very peaceful and relaxing. A nice change from the crazy and chaotic Bangkok.

Crossing the roads is nice here. Cars actually stop to let pedestrians walk across. Everyday in Bangkok I have to stand and wait in the hot sun at the zebra crossing. No cars stop just for a few seconds to let people cross the road.




Had bacon cheeseburger for dinner. Yum.


One more day of work. Little time left before heading home.


Written by Rop

April 20, 2016 at 2:23 am

Posted in food, thoughts, travel

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