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How to train in warm weather

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It’s been hot during the day here in the city. How can one go to the gym and get something out of it?

1. Take long breaks between sets. Let the body recover.

2. Stay hydrated and cool. Drink water throughout the session. Use a fan to keep cool.

3. Take it easy. Don’t overstress your body. Lower your volume and intensity.

Live according to nature. You are part of the universe. The weather will get more pleasant soon. Then it’s time to push harder.

Couldn’t sleep last night. Got up to watch Barcelona v Gijon. Then passed the morning time by watching UFC197. Did some lifting in between. Light squat and rack pull today before going to the airport. After a week off, squat feels wobbly. Something is still better than nothing.

Sunday afternoon. Almost time to get on the road and into the sky. Hopefully I can get to sleep in the plane this time.

Next post will be from Daejeon.



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April 24, 2016 at 7:51 am

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