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Korean Fried Chicken

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A long day of meetings today. Productive but very tiring. I’m currently in a state of perpetual sleepiness. Eyes want to close, body wants to stop moving, yet there’s work to be done. Finally today’s duty is almost done and we are in a car, on the way to dinner. The people who host us are very nice, I’m really glad to net them, but physically I can’t wait to get back to bed.

Today at the meeting at the research institute we were not allowed to take any photos. They put tape over our phone lenses for security purpose. So I couldn’t get any photos of their cool facilities. So let me just post pictures of yummy dinner yesterday.

The first meal after getting off the plane was okay. Quick easy eat in a mall’s food court. I had fried rice with chicken nuggets.


After the work was done, we walked around the town trying to find something for dinner. Ended up going to this nice place called Von Chicken. The roasted chicken, fried chicken, and odeng were delicious. They had the spatulas for the customers to eat with. The fried chicken was particularly tasty. Crispy and not oily at all.




So it was a nice day. Being a tourist can be exciting. You are far away from most life’s responsibilities. Everything you see around you is new, and probably something you will only see once in your life. So you feel like absorbing all the sights and sounds to take home with you.


Written by Rop

April 26, 2016 at 4:05 pm

Posted in food, travel

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