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Home for a while this time

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Landed in Bangkok at 1 pm. Took about 2.5 hours to get home. Airport rail link is quite cheap but slow. Then I tried to get Uber but it was a long wait and the two drivers asked me to cancel because traffic was bad. Ended up taking a taxi. There aren’t enough Uber cars in Bangkok to make it the main transport of choice.

It was still as hot as when I left. But no headache like last time. The flight time is only 5:20 hours and the time difference is just two hours. My body can handle this.

Korea is great. Been there three times and I’m very impressed with how advanced and effiicient they are. The country has beautiful landscapes and modern architectures. I like the bidet toilets. I like things that just work like they are supposed to. I feel safe walking around outside at night. People are nice in their own way.

I missed meeting up with my old friend DH. It was my mistake not informing him ahead of time. I was busy before this trip and also thought he wasn’t in the country.

Oh well it was a short trip and I was busy with meetings. It would probably be tough to get together anyhow. I’m sure I’ll get to visit Korea again.

Spent the evening relaxing with lifting and gaming. Quality downtime before working tomorrow. Gonna be home for a while this time. Time to get some work done.



Written by Rop

April 28, 2016 at 10:11 pm

Posted in travel

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