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Bench and steaks

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Just bench today, nothing else. The training sessions are brief these days. Killed time with my favorite non-sport game, Dark Souls.

My strength goal is not looking great at the moment with the lost training time. As usual, my form was unstable after the long layoff. However since I got back to training, I managed to pull off a couple of 7-rep PBs.

New 7-rep maxes may not seem like a big deal. However one of those is of the overhead press, the lift I have stalled the most. The other is the bench press. Any day I get a PB is a good day.

Today it finally rained, even if just a little bit, cooling things down a notch. We went out for dinner, celebrating our 6th year anniversary. We aren’t big on traditional celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries, but finding a reason reason to eat delicious food is always nice.

We chose Central Eastville again. This Central branch has become our go-to place for shopping and food, as it is the closest mall to our house. I dread going to downtown Bangkok due to the traffic. This place isn’t too large but it has what we need: a bunch of restaurants and a good supermarket to buy groceries. There are also many people walking their dogs. I’m a big fan of dogs.

Simple dinner of sirloins at The Grill to end the day.







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April 30, 2016 at 3:42 pm

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