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Woke up with pain in right Achilles. There was no sign of it yesterday. I don’t understand the cause. Knew it is going to be a long day with two off-site meetings to attend. Hobbled to work. Took a long car ride to a morning meeting. Went well. Went to a hospital after that but it was too crowded so I left without medicine or treatment. By this time the ankle was numb with pain. Hobbled to the second meeting of the day. The afternoon meeting didn’t go well. I was out of my elements. Got scolded at by the chairperson. I didn’t need that.

Enough about work. Any difficult day is just a test of your fortitude.

Took Uber to get home. The driver accidentally ended the trip early by about 2 km, but she didn’t mind driving me to the destination anyway.

In my three Uber rides so far, the experience had been positive. However, none of the drivers had any proper mount for the phone or tablet. They held the device in their hand to check directions. It wasn’t optimal really.

I trained before dinner today. It’s back day. The tendon pain makes squat impossible. Barbell row, shrug, and rack pull. The last exercise made me lightheaded.

Hope I can walk normally tomorrow.


Written by Rop

May 12, 2016 at 6:14 pm

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