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Beef and alcohol

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Meeting in the morning. Many people, little time. I don’t do well in such setting. As an introvert, I can’t quite verbally express my thoughts in a room full of people. I much prefer writing or talking in a small group. Anyway I hope the meeting will amount to something in the near future.

After a nice lunch, I drove to the hospital and got some pain reliever pills and spray. Same old story. It was at least my third time there for the tendon problem. Doctor said I should warm up and stretch before exercising. He didn’t seem to concerned. Anyway the ankle felt better today, do I decided not to take the pills. Spent the rest of the afternoon at the office to finish up some work.

Today’s training: Light OHP and rear delt raise. 10 reps, 2 sets each. Short and sweet. Tomorrow I’ll do more.

A beef pasta night at home. With soju. Wrapped up Friday night nicely. Weekend is here.



Written by Rop

May 13, 2016 at 8:13 pm

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