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Some construction at the house today. Mostly taking down walls to prepare for renovation. It was a loud and dusty day.


Got some lifting in. Right shoulder feels a little tight. Best to take it easy for now. Going to challenge myself more tomorrow if there is no issue. If I feel good, I go heavy. If not, then I won’t risk injuries. Just taking it one day at a time.


Workout – Saturday 28th May 2016

** Close Grip Barbell Bench Press **
– 40.0 kgs x 13 reps
– 40.0 kgs x 12 reps
– 50.0 kgs x 10 reps

** Barbell Row **
– 50.0 kgs x 12 reps
– 60.0 kgs x 10 reps
– 60.0 kgs x 12 reps
– 70.0 kgs x 10 reps
– 70.0 kgs x 12 reps

** Pull Up **
– 7 reps


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May 28, 2016 at 10:12 pm

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