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Last class

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Last day of teaching a course. It’s a regular monthly course at work in which I have been doing one lecture for years. I enjoyed it. It has given me an opportunity teach basic knowledge in the field and connect with people from many backgrounds.

These days my other responsibilities have called on me more and more. Now that I have found a young colleague who is a capable replacement, it’s time to move on and spend time on more important things and be free of this duty. So I taught my last class today.

After the class, I had a meeting at a university in the center of the city in the afternoon. As expected, the traffic afterward was awful. After spending nearly two hours in traffic after a meeting downtown, I got home and lifted. First time squatting in over two weeks. This must change. I must squat more frequently. Even if I can’t do big weights, I must perform the movement. Can’t get good without consistency.

The Cavaliers won the NBA championship. Was actually rooting for them this year. Couldn’t watch the game since I was at work. Had to look up the highlights when I got home. Fascinating ending.


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June 20, 2016 at 3:19 pm

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