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Random thoughts Saturday

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Today I worked. It’s Saturday, but there was a special event going on and I had to help. It’s for a good cause. Student robot competition. Pretty neat to see inventions from the young minds. I know nothing about robots so today was quite an experience. 

There were a lot of people involved to get this thing running. I’m a small part of the team. It’s quite satisfying to get a big project done together.

I will travel again in about 2.5 months. Would be my fourth trip of the year. None of these trips are my choice. My colleagues travel even much more often  Yes these foreign trips are beneficial, but I think, at this stage, the money would be better spent on improving quality of life of people at the institute. The facilities are really mediocre and the spirits are low due to inner politics. Things has got to change.

Rack pull in the evening. Got to get back on track and get strong. July is here, which means that half of this year has already passed. Time goes by quickly. I just hope I’m stronger now than i was on 1 Jan 2016. I shall see at the next mock meet.

Tomorrow is UFC200. Pretty exciting matchups. Lesnar vs Hunt, Corner vs Silva, Also vs Edgar. I hope to catch the fights.


Written by Rop

July 9, 2016 at 9:52 pm

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