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Travel rant

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Busy time at work. In less than two months we will be on vacation. Can’t wait.

One thing that sucks about traveling is the visa cost. Many countries require Thai citizens to pay a very large sum of money just to enter. It is quite wasteful to spend 5,000 THB on top of the airline tickets just to be in some country for nine days.

Went to apply for a passport today. It’s really hard to get there without a car. City buses are very unpredictable and often they don’t stop at the bus stops. How can a non regular rider know which bus to take? The bus system needs an overhaul.

Light workout today. Shoulders and legs.


FitNotes Workout – Tuesday 12th July 2016

** Overhead Press **

– 30.0 kgs x 10 reps

– 40.0 kgs x 5 reps

– 45.0 kgs x 5 reps

– 45.0 kgs x 5 reps

** Barbell Front Squat **

– 45.0 kgs x 8 reps

– 55.0 kgs x 9 reps

** Pull Up **

– 6 reps


Written by Rop

July 12, 2016 at 10:08 pm

Posted in training, travel

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