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Late nights

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Got home around 9:30 pm for second straight night. Yesterday I got to meet many of my old colleagues. I also got to report to royalty, talk to a teacher named Kan from a university in Nakorn Sawan, my summer students who are nice kids, a friendly researcher from Malaysia but is a Nigerian, Kelly from Korea and her Director. At dinner, we had a good time with the director and his team from SLRI and a guest from CERN.

Today we had a chance to take photos with Director of the IAEA, which is probably the top partner organization to our institute, and to discuss in more depth with CERN.

I didn’t much time to focus on the scientific content of the presentations. Most of the technical details went above my head. But it is nice to meet many people. The most important things are the good talks. I’m not so excited to meet the high ranking people and have photo ops as most people seem to be. I’m more interested to talk to normal people. I like to listen to their stories and to try to bring their experiences and skills to help push or organization and society forward. I enjoy working when there is hope for actual progress.

The highlights of the conference for me was the lunch discussion on robots with Aj. Kan yesterday and the meeting with Emmanuel today.

There are exciting opportunities ahead and I’m glad to be part of the process. However, one not so good thing about this event is these late nights. I felt beat when the day was over and had no energy to train. 

But it will be over soon.


Written by Rop

August 5, 2016 at 10:00 pm

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