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Flying annoyance

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This month I got to fly a few times from the two trips taken. Overall it was a positive experience. However there were some unpleasant incidents that annoyed me.

On a flight last week, there was a child banging on the back of my seat. This went on for the whole flight. It was horrible. The mother was sitting three seats away. If you can’t watch your kids, don’t travel with them. I get annoyed by unruly kids.

On the flight back home, an air attendant in my area was a large woman who never said sorry when banging her hips against my elbow or my shoulder or her cart against my knee. Her tone of voice was also not very comforting. It was very inconsiderate and unpleasant. You couldn’t really do anything about it.

Also, in general, I couldn’t sleep during flight. I always sit on aisle seat. There was always a worry of the people inside wanting get out to go to the bathroom. So I couldn’t close my eyes and sleep in peace. It’s a bane of flying economy.


Written by Rop

September 29, 2016 at 11:22 pm

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