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Criticism is human

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I don’t think people should be treated differently based on their birthplace, nationality, lastname, family status, color of their skin. Nobody can choose any of that.

People should be treated based on the type of person they are. What they say and do. Anyone can be an asshole or a saint no matter where they were born. Everybody has faults and nobody is perfect. That’s just what a human being is.

To be criticized is to be human. It’s stupid to put somebody on the pedestal just because they were “high born”. I’m a staunch believer in the right to free speech. To treat someone as a deity who can do no wrong and cannot be criticized just because they came out of a particular vagina is insane.

If you want to worship someone, go ahead. I don’t give a fuck. But when you force others to think the same way you do, it’s just amusingly stupid. Stop using “we” think so and so when you are the one saying it. Speak for yourself only. I have my own thoughts and feelings, thank you very much.


Written by Rop

November 4, 2016 at 8:57 pm

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