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No room for discussions

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Freedom of speech is a human right. Nobody has the right to harm you for what you believe in.

It sucks going out in public places if you know you own the freedom to express yourself. There is propaganda everywhere. People are forced bullshit down their throats without the possibility to present different viewpoints. There doesn’t exist an arena for open discussions. You can get hurt for voicing your thoughts, and the laws won’t protect you. People who haven’t yet get brainwashed have to pretend to be so, for their own well-being.

To have a civilized society you need to foster an environment that encourages free speech. Listening to different opinions and meeting people from different backgrounds are ways that help us grow as human beings. We should be treated as adults with our own minds who don’t need to be babied and brainwashed by the authority.

The way things are is not the path to progress. When you actually want to see things get better, it’s frustrating. The fascism and anti-intellectualism in the society sometimes can make one feel sick and want to throw up.


Written by Rop

November 12, 2016 at 7:18 pm

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