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Squat and sashimi

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Ok it’s Sunday. Let’s focus on training. Make it count. Tomorrow is Monday and begins another cycle of grind. Early morning drive, traffic jam, meetings, emails, assignments, noises. Got to appreciate the weekends.

Took a 200 mg caffeine pill before lifting. I became a little bit more awake but it didn’t really give me a kick like I wanted to. After years of coffee drinking I’ve become tolerant to caffeine. I wish I’m not.

Did something very rare these days. A new rep PB on squat. With knee discomfort, squatting had been hard for months. Decided to suck it up and take it one rep at a time. Got a new 8RM. Good day. I feel accomplished. The knee sleeves kept the knees warm and helped alleviate the knee pain, I think.

Went out for late lunch and decided to eat at sushi hiro. Other than the usual salmon sashimi and sashimi don, we tried something different this time: maguro tail steak. These five small pieces costed 660 THB after a discount, which is still expensive to me. The regular price was 2,200 THB, which is crazy. Not something I would eat regularly, but it was a nice treat once in a while.

Maguro tail steak


Written by Rop

November 20, 2016 at 9:02 pm

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