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Being child-free

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I have lomg chosen to be child-free.

I just don’t care about most kids in general.
I don’t think there’s anything special or magical about them.

Frankly, if they are not related to me in some way, I mostly just want them to leave alone.

However, that’s just my personal opinion.

I don’t think less of those who choose to be parents.

We don’t have to all think the same.

If kids make you happy, good for you.

I just don’t think you should have them if you can’t afford to give them a good life.

I also think less of you if you have no ideas how to keep your kids from bothering other people.

Having kids is not for me.

I like my freedom too much.

And quiet time is precious for my mental well-being.

Raising a child is really expensive and I have zero interest in working just to buy baby nappies, toys, clothes, food.

The education system in this country sucks unless you are rich.

And sending your children to cram schools just to have they do well in tests seems depressing to me

Being responsible for someone else’s life for 18+ years seems really burdensome to me.

Having children just for the reason that you would have someone to take care of you when you are old is a really selfish decision.

Learn to take care of yourself. Never be a burden to anyone.

I just don’t want kids. Bottom line.

When I’m done with this world, that’s it. I’m done. Gone forever. I don’t feel the need to leave something behind.


Written by Rop

November 26, 2016 at 10:08 pm

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