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Letting go

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Deaths are natural. I no longer mourn them. People come and go. Soon it’ll be my turn. The world will keep on turning. Young people will take over, before they too will get old and die. 

I don’t want to be memorialized. I want people to live their lives and don’t waste time pretending to be sad. They must surely realize the end is coming for us all. 
Things change. What seems to matter now won’t years or even days from now. Soon I’ll be forgotten by everyone on this earth. And that’s just fine. I’m not here to be remembered. Nor to be liked. I’m here to lead a good life. To have the journey of my own full of learning new things everyday. I wake up each morning not knowing whether i would die that day. But I’m already at peace with it. When my time is over, I will leave quietly. 

When someone dies, he is returned to nature. Once you understand nature, there’s no reason to feel sad. It’s not sad when something falls down and breaks. It’s not sad when it rains. It’s not sad to be old. There is nothing you can do about any of those things. What’s there to be sad about? 

Of course you can be sad about not able to see or talk with that person anymore. Then, be more mindful each time you are with someone you love, as it could be the last time. Make your remaining days count. People are dying all the time. Soon it’ll be your turn.


Written by Rop

December 12, 2016 at 9:28 pm

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